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Manta Ray Night Snorkeling & Day Time Snorkeling Adventures

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Manta Ray Night Snorkeling & Day Time Snorkeling Adventures

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Let My Kona Adventures take you on a once-in-a-lifetime Hawaiian adventure where we create memories for you that last a lifetime. Whether viewing migrating whales who have returned to their calves or even braving the darkness to be mesmerized by the acrobatic manta rays, all of our Big Island boat and snorkel tours promise the unparalleled beauty and unique Hawaiian experience that only My Kona Adventures can provide.


My Kona Adventures

In the half hour we were in the water, we saw about 6 manta rays, that swim right up to the light and can rub against you to feed. Being so close to these majestic creatures was so incredible and unique. The guides were informative, professional and prompt. Mahalo!

– Jess M., TripAdvisor
My Kona Adventures
Fantastic experience snorkeling with Manta Rays!!

This was definitely one of the highlights of our stay on the Big Island of Hawaii. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and there to help in any way. The rays were amazing!!! We were able to get up close and personal with them and we were able to watch them for the entire duration of our time in the water.

– Jim B., TripAdvisor
My Kona Adventures
AWESOME experience

So glad I went on this adventure. The manta rays are such extraordinary creatures we were SO close to us. Joia, our guide in the water, was so full of knowledge about these beautiful creatures. I definitely recommend this tour to complete your Hawaiian Holiday adventure, and especially going through My Kona Adventure. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!

– Deborah L., TripAdvisor
My Kona Adventures
Exhilarating wildlife experience

A once in a lifetime tour with Justin and the manta rays. My Kona Adventures took care of all the details and all we had to do was enjoy the beautiful animals under a starry sky. Bring a GoPro or a waterproof camera with a strap. You will want to remember this night.

– Lori D., TripAdvisor
My Kona Adventures
Night Snorkel with Mantas

This was an amazing experience. The staff was super friendly and fun and greeted us promptly (we were early). I felt safe since a team member is in the water with you the entire time. The mantas are amazing creatures full of grace and sweetness for something so large.

– Sharon M., TripAdvisor
My Kona Adventures
Awesome adventure!

We ended up seeing about ten different mantas, and Justin pointed out which ones were which to us, and kept us safe and happy the whole trip. The mantas were absolutely amazing to see, and I would absolutely recommend this company and I look forward to hopefully doing it again soon!

– Kaylah S., TripAdvisor